Calories in Mexican food

Have you ever wondered how many calories does a plate of pozole has?

Calories in Mexican food
Chiles en Nogada are the staple of the season - Photo: Luis Sandoval/Mucho Flavor Studio
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Mexicans celebrate Independence Day with delicious food and although the majority of Mexican food is healthy, the food eating during the celebration tends to be high in calories.

Here is everything you need to know about the food you'll enjoy on September 15 and 16!

1. Chiles en nogada: Chiles en nogada are the staple of the season! It contains over a dozen of ingredients, including poblano peppers, which are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, noninflammatory, and a natural antiseptic; pork and beef are high in protein and the best source for Vitamin B12; onions are rich in flavonoids, which are good for the heart; parsley is rich in Vitamin C and is good for digestion; pecans are rich in healthy fats, protein, and arginine, an amino acid that helps prevent heart disease; pomegranate is an antioxidant that prevents aging and improves the skin, and dried fruits are a great source of minerals. On average, a chile en nogada has 763 calories.

2. Tacos al pastor: Tacos al pastor are a great option since they contain protein, grains, and vegetables. Each taco has around 332 calories.

3. Pozole: Pozole is actually quite healthy. It has fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Since pozole contains ingredients such as corn, lettuce, lime, radishes, and onion, it is actually among the healthiest Mexican dishes. The key is to cut back on the tostadas with cream. A 300 ml bowl has 240 calories.

4. Pambazos: The pambazo fillings change depending on the region, in Mexico City, they are usually filled with potatoes and chorizo, therefore, this delicious dish has a lot of carbs and saturated fat. The key is to moderate its consumption, add more lettuce, not to add sour creams, and not frying the bread. A regular-size pambazo has between 450 and 500 calories.

5. Tostadas: Tostadas are one of the staple dishes during this celebration. Tostadas are a complete and balanced meal because they include protein and vegetables. The key is to use baked tostadas and to limit the consumption of sour cream. You should also add enough vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, and avocado. A tostada has around 180 calories.


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