Baja California Human Rights chief assassinated

Gunmen ambushed the ombudsman as he and his family were driving through the capital city of the state

Authorities cordoning off the area where the attack took place - Luis Roldán/NBCS NOTICIAS
English 22/11/2017 14:18 La Paz, Baja California Gladys Rodríguez Navarro Actualizada 14:25

The president of the Human Rights Commission of the state of Baja California, Silvestre de la Toba, was killed yesterday night in La Paz.

According to the reports, the ombudsman and his family were driving through one of the busiest streets in the area when armed individuals driving another vehicle opened fire against De la Toba, killing the president of the HRC and his son Fernando, 20.

The murder caused panic among the dozens of drivers who were witnesses of the tragedy. The area was cordoned off by the authorities and remained restricted for several hours.

The murder of the ombudsman takes place after an increase of violence in the state, where 18 homicides were reported during the weekend and 12 more registered yesterday.

At the time of the publishing of this article, the condition of both the wife and daughter of the ombudsman, who were also traveling with him, is unknown but reports say both were gravely injured during the attack.


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