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Ricardo Anaya – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Anaya sacks his team

Mexico City
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Anaya sacks his team

This weekend the mass layoff of the National Action Party (PAN) has begun. Our sources say the orders of the national leader Ricardo Anaya, are to dismiss 90% of the employees being paid through professional fees, and a little over half of the staff in their payroll, to sum all those resources to the 200 millions of Mexican pesos they want to give to the victims of the earthquakes on September 7 and 19.

Employees have said they find it inadmissible that a self-proclaimed humanist party is willing to fire its personnel under the argument of helping earthquake victims, given there are other more weighty areas which could be cut to obtain the resources. This Monday is expected to be the day where most people will be laid off, and there are even some who are saying that those who manage to keep their jobs will find their wages cut in half. Anaya has said he and other party officials won't receive a wage given the contingency, that is, they will work for free. But what about the employees who have economic commitments and families to support? Maybe Anaya thinks they have also sold an industrial warehouse for 53 millions of Mexican pesos so receiving half of their pay or having no job at all will matter little. Nice way of settling things.

Concerns about Sheinbaum

Some factions of the National Regeneration Party (MORENA) are concerned about the Tlalpan delegate Claudia Sheinbaum because she could lose her position as the favorite to run for Mexico City's Mayor over the tragedy at the Enrique Rebsamen School – after she had virtually won the candidacy already, according to many party members. Sheinbaum herself has revealed the files of the collapsed facilities which, our sources say, she should've been familiar with at the time of the construction turnover – in 2015 –, not until the tragedy happened and certainly not until yesterday. Thus, the national leader of the MORENA (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) has received a political bomb which can leave him crippled.

Distributing international aid

A considerable portion of the aid arriving in Mexico – which is being received by the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation – has begun to be routed to Oaxaca, a state which is going through some bad times. The Mexican Government has decided to send the camping tents arriving from China to Juchitán, and they are currently reviewing whether they will be enough. By the way, talking about international aid, we're told that after a long flight, the IDF Aid Delegation finally arrived in Tel Aviv, where they were received by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave them a round of applause for their performance on Mexican soil. Talking about Mexico, he said hard times will always reveal true friends.

Flirting with Ivonne Ortega

Sources close to the aspiring presidential candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Ivonne Ortega, tell us the former governor of Yucatán has had some talks with other political forces, should she be left out of the official candidacy of her party. We've been told Ms. Ivonne has talked with the representatives of the National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and that there are possibilities she could become a Senator candidate for the upcoming elections. The Social Encounter Party (PES) has also gathered with the former governor, to offer her the presidential candidacy of their party for 2018.


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