Alfredo Di Roma Mexico awarded for its wine list

Wine Spectator has awarded a Mexico City-based restaurant for its impressive wine list

Alfredo Di Roma Mexico is awarded for its impressive wine list
The restaurant offers some of the best Italian food in Mexico - Photo: Taken from Alfredo Di Roma Mexico's Facebook page
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Wine Spectator has awarded a Mexico City-based restaurant for its impressive wine list. We're talking about Alfredo Di Roma Mexico, which was named as a “powerhouse of Italian food and wine.”

The restaurant is located in Polanco and has been open for 23 years. This year, it was awarded its first Grand Award.

According to Wine Spectator, the wine list offers 2,600 selections, backed by an inventory of 33,000 bottles. Also, Alfredo Di Roma accounts for more than 23,000 bottles a year. The cellar remains at a constant 62° F, with low-intensity lighting to protect the wines.

“We are always traveling and visiting wine regions and looking for wines that we don’t have in our cellar,” Morones says. He oversees 16 sommeliers, three or four of whom are always stationed at Alfredo Di Roma, including the restaurant’s head sommelier, Eduardo González. The staff meets for tastings three or four times a week to review new wines, and “we must have a consensus of at least 85 points before we consider putting the wine on our list,” Morones adds.

There are always 2,500 bottles stored at Alfredo Di Roma, focusing on Italian and Spanish wines. Any wine on the master list is available as well and will arrive in five minutes or less from the main cellar, according to Morones.

Also known for its delicious food, the restaurant offers Italian specialties, including fettuccine alfredo, risotto with black truffles, grilled Mediterranean branzino, and bistecca alla Fiorentina. Chef Mauro Chiecchio’s signature dish is a ravioli stuffed with beef and spinach and blanketed in tomato sauce. A favorite dessert is the tiramisu.

Only 100 restaurants in the world are awarded this prize. Alfredo Di Roma is now also the only restaurant that has received this award in Latin America.


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