Canadians and Mexicans, the winners of Round 2.2

The Mexico-Canada consortium obtained 6 of the 10 blocks offered

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English 12/07/2017 20:14 Noé Cruz Serrano Actualizada 20:14

Canadians and Mexicans were the winners of the second bidding process of Round 2, which involves gas-producing fields.

The Mexico-Canada consortium constituted by the regional companies Jaguar Exploración and Producción de Hidrocarburos and Canada's Sun God Energía de México, subsidized by Sun God Resources, obtained 6 of the 10 blocks offered.

This consortium was awarded blocks 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10, all of which are gas producers.

The block corresponding to area 1 was awarded to Consorcio Iberoamericana and three other areas (2, 3 and 6) were declared deserted.