18 | SEP | 2019
Taken from Twitter @LuisCardenasMx

Businessmen create self-defense organization groups in Quintana Roo

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The creation, they assure, is due to the insecurity lived in the state

Businessmen assure that they have created the self-defense group in Quintana Roo due to the insecurity lived in the state.

“Now we start the formation of self-defense groups in Quintana Roo due to the increased insecurity in the state,” said Carlos Mimenza, one of the businessmen who leads the group.

However, Mimenza stated that for the time being, the group is unarmed.

In 2013, civil groups armed themselves in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán because of the presence of drug cartels like La Familia Michoacana (The Michoacán Family) and los Zetas. The term “self-defense group” originated in Colombia with the paramilitary troops which emerged in the face of the scourge caused by drug dealing during the 90's.

“With this video @CarlosMimenza announced the creation of the self-defense group in #QuintanaRoo”


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