15 | NOV | 2019
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Female inmates learn aerial dance in Mexico City

Mexico City
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Santa Martha Female Penitentiary in Mexico City promotes cultural, sport and leisure activities to foster social reintegration of women serving time in the correctional facility

Women serving time in the Santa Martha Female Penitentiary, in east Mexico City, are learning aerial dancing to acquire discipline in their lives and as part of the social reintegration efforts for inmates promoted by the correctional facility.

The Deputy Director of the Penitentiary System of Mexico City, Hazael Ruíz Ortega, informed that at least eighteen women are currently participating in the second edition of the 4th edition of the Aerial Dance Workshop being offered in the female correctional facility “This is an activity that is becoming quite popular among women serving time in the Santa Martha Female Penitentiary and we promoting that it is being taught by experts in the fields in strict compliance of all the security measures implied”.

Participants to the workshop have a six-hour weekly practice to set up the "Volar" (Fly) show, which will presented in early 2017, under the direction of Neri Kode from the "Arte Libre" (Free Art) Foundation.

Ruíz Ortega stressed that the Deputy Direction of the Penitentiary System of Mexico City, with the support of various cultural, sports and educational organizations, develops a continuous effort inside the correctional facilities to promote the social reinsertion of people serving time through the development of discipline centered activities such as aerial dance.

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