Woman photographed nude in former convent in Hidalgo

The images are circulating on adult web pages and social networks.

(Photo: SPECIAL)
English 19/07/2016 17:57 Pachuca, Hidalgo Actualizada 17:57
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For the second time in two years, the former convent of San Miguel Arcángel in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, has been used for adult photo shoots, with the images doing the rounds on social networks and adult websites.

The images present a woman assuming different positions while in the nude at the Augustinian convent built in the XVI century.

The local authorities have no reports of the incident, not even from the dioceses of Tula, which would be the one agency which could require an investigation.

The date of the pictures is not known, neither if the images were published with the woman's consent.

Last year, another set of pictures presenting a naked woman in the same place was published with the tag #Actopan "turisteando templo y ex convento de San Nicolás Tolentino".

The locals, in any case, are not happy with these incidents and requested that the dioceses reinforce the security in the area.


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