Three tourists assaulted in Chiapas

A Swiss woman was raped and two Argentinean men were seriously injured in Chiapa de Corzo.

English 12/02/2016 19:26 Fredy Martín Pérez / Corresponsal Actualizada 19:28
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A young woman from Switzerland was raped and her two Argentinean companions were seriously injured by two men in the ecotourism center of Chiapa de Corzo, local police reported.

Last Thursday, two men armed with knives intercepted the tourists when they were in the Belisario Dominguez bridge to visit the Sumidero Canyon.

Around 4:00 pm, the tourists asked three men who were in the place how to get to the piers.

Then, the tourists walked down a slope when suddenly two of the three same men came out of the bushes.

Armed with knives, they beat Argentine Pablo Mangiafico and Federico Luis de Los Santos and stole their belongings.

One of the robbers dropped a cement block on the head of de Los Santos and stabbed him in the neck.

The three tourists were helped by paramedics and transferred to Gilberto Gómez Maza hospital.

The Attorney General of the State contacted the embassies of Switzerland and Argentina to report the incident.

The Swiss woman is in a state of shock and has not spoken to doctors or authorities.

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