Emergency in three municipalities of Tabasco

The affected regions are Cárdenas, Comalcalco and Paraíso.

Around 4,600 inhabitants of those municipalities have been affected by the rain. (Photo: Luma López/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 06/12/2015 20:00 Leobardo Pérez Marín/Tabasco Actualizada 20:00

The government of Tabasco issued a declaration of emergency for the municipalities of Cárdenas, Comalcalco and Paraíso, where some 4,600 people have been affected by cold front number 17.

In addition, governor Arturo Núñez Jiménez announced that he will request the corresponding declaration of emergency to the authorities in order to obtain access to the Fund for Natural Disasters and support to the affected families.

The Department of Public Security (SSP) reported that rainfall during the last 48 hours left 107,000 homes affected by floods of 0.7 to 2.1 inches, complicating things for some 4,600 people.

It pointed out that 11 temporary shelters have been opened in Chichicapa, Aldama, Chicozapote, Progreso Tular, Francisco I. Madero, Lázaro Cárdenas and Patastal, as well as in Miguel Hidalgo and El Ejido Guatemala.

Some 84 families are being housed in the shelters.

According to Civil Protection, the municipality with more damages is Paraíso, where with the support of the Mexican Army an emergency plan is being applied, since 2,300 people and 540 homes have been affected.

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