Parents of the Ayotzinapa 43 satisfied with investigation

Lawyer Vidulfo Rosales reported that soldiers presumably involved in the disappearance of the students are already been interrogated.

The meeting in a picture taken by Attorney General Arely Gómez. (Photo: @ArelyGomezGlz)
English 30/11/2015 19:39 Dennis A. García Actualizada 19:39
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The specialized unit for the investigation of the disappearance of the 43 missing students in Ayotzinapa is already interrogating the soldiers from the XXVII Infantry Battalion, as requested by the Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), reported lawyer Vidulfo Rosales.

Rosales, the representative of the parents of the missing students, reported that they are satisfied after meeting with Attorney General Arely Gómez.

"This new research team is under supervision, has the endorsement of the Group of Independent Experts and under that premise it's going to work," expressed Rosales.

The lawyer also pointed out that new lines of investigation are being followed by the authorities, leaving their staunch position that the case ended with the burning of the students bodies in the garbage dump of Cocula.

"Today the evaluation, the balance sheet that we have, is that because the dump of Cocula has ceased to be the preeminent issue, we currently have the new lines of research that we must follow," he explained.

Rosales expressed that the new unit for the case will be in charge of José Aaron Pérez Carro, who will be assisted by a team of experts.

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