Laura Bozzo asks Hillary Clinton for a U.S. visa

The Peruvian TV host addressed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during an interview to Telmundo's "Suelta La Sopa"

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English 25/08/2015 18:19 Newsroom Actualizada 18:27

After three years of house arrest, Peruvian TV host Laura Bozzo was absolved of all peculation and conspiracy charges. However, her right to travel to the U.S. was never granted back.
Bozzo gave an interview to Telmundo's "Suelta La Sopa" last week, where she addressed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and ask her to evaluate her case so she can go back to the U.S. to see her daughter.
"I tell Hillary Clinton, who is also a mom and knows what it's like and how it hurts to be away from them, to evaluate my case. And hopefully she can give me a visa" the Peruvian said.

She also said that she was praying to reunite her with her daughter. "I have asked my Virgencita de Guadalupe to be able to go back in for my daughter, for my audience, for my people."

Finally, the Peruvian said she was not worried about the possibility that Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

 "I’m not worried about Donald Trump, the next President of the United States is Hillary Clinton” she said.