19 | NOV | 2019
Salma is no longer worried about getting older. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)

Salma Hayek does not mind reaching 50

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The Mexican actress caused a commotion at Cannes.

Mexican actress Salma Hayek said that she is not concerned about reaching 50 years of age, which will happen next year.

In an interview for OK! magazine, Salma -who caused a big commotion at the last Cannes Film Festival- spoke about her image and life.

"In the past, when I tried to imagine what it would be like at my current age, I was terrified. But I have now realized that I can still be beautiful while approaching 50, and I'm very comfortable with my life," she said.

She also commented that it is getting more difficult to find good roles in Hollywood.

"There are not enough good roles for women. This is changing, and now we are seeing more women starring comedies and action films. It is a good sign, but there is still a prejudice against age that we have to face".

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