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Rape: torture and systemic gender violence in Mexico
Human rights activists lament that soldiers, navy officers, and federal police officers use sexual abuse as torture
10 women are murdered in Mexico every day
According to the SESNSP, 10 states concentrate 65% of the 1,199 femicides that have been perpetrated during the first quarter of 2019
90% of Mexican women with HIV got it from stable partners
In Mexico, out of all 230,000 people living with HIV in 2017, 21.7% were women
UN: Mexican government must tackle violence against women
It is estimated that an average of nine women are killed every day in Mexico
Financial inclusion is key to eradicate inequality in Mexico
The United Kingdom's embassy in Mexico, through its Department for International Trade, organized an event to promote financial inclusion in Mexico
Mexico, abortion, and forced maternity
There are 19 states that have modified their local constitutions to protect life since conception
Yalitza Aparicio teams up with Sesame Street
Yalitza Aparicio teamed up with Sesame Street to launch a campaign to encourage children to fight for their dreams
Mega Body Paint Mexico organized an event to celebrate its 5th anniversary and women through art
Who will protect the victims of domestic abuse?
“A woman (experiencing) extreme violence needs to save her life, not money,” says one of the women interviewed by EL UNIVERSAL
Mexican scientist cures the Human Papilloma Virus
This scientific achievement was accomplished through photodynamic therapy, a non-invasive technique