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W Series is heading to Mexico
The W series is an all-female racing championship
NGO helps female inmates through knitting
The majority of female inmates are abandoned by their families
Sofía Cancino was also the first Mexican woman to conduct an orchestra
The Mexican women protecting axolotls
Despite all the obstacles they face on a daily basis, including lack of resources and sexism, “Ajolotario Cuemanco” has been rescuing and reproducing axolotls in Xochimilco for four years
Oaxaca decriminalizes abortion
With a total of 24 votes in favor and 12 against, the legislature approved the modification of the criminal code in the Mexican state to decriminalize pregnancy interruption up to the 12th week of pregnancy
Orphans, the collateral victims of femicide
At least 10 women are murdered every day in Mexico. The tragedy is not limited to the victims for their children face an uncertain psychological future
The first female pilots to lead Mexico's Independence Day parade
Karen Vanessa Velázquez Ruiz and Miriam Martínez Magaña will be the first women to fly in the military parade for the 209th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence
Ketzaly Xocolatl: the Mexican chocolate for menstrual cramps
The chocolate is the result of a school project between students of Health Education and Gastronomy of the UAEM
Claudia Sheinbaum vows to eradicate violence against women
Claudia Sheinbaum, first woman mayor of Mexico City, vowed to eradicate violence against women, prosecute offenders and protect women
Kate Del Castillo will give voice to the missing women of Ciudad Juárez
“The Way She Spoke” is a single-actor play written by Isaac Gómez and directed by Jo Bonnet about the stories surrounding the missing women of Ciudad Juárez