They combined medicinal plants with raspberry and chocolate , the result: the relief of menstrual cramps .

A school project of three students of the major in Health Education of the Nezahualcóyotl University Center of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) and a student of Gastronomy became an efficient cure to counteract the issues related to menstrual periods.

“For the moment, it’s enough to eat one piece through all the cycle. One piece is more than enough to control the symptoms ,” asserted Sonia Ortega , one of the college students who collaborated on the project.

Ketzaly Xocolatl

is the name of the chocolate elaborated in a handcrafted manner by the students of the UAEM and the student of Gastronomy, it has a price of MXN $35 , and is in patent process because they want to create a small business for its manufacture.

“It’s made with raspberry jelly . The plants are in the jelly. We gave samples in the university to fellow students of our major and they told us that after 15 to 20 minutes of the intake, the chocolate had cured completely their cramps for the whole cycle,” explained Sonia who just graduated from the UAEM.

The objective of the four youths of the State of Mexico is to help women with the symptoms during their menstrual period because in many cases they hinder their daily activities, like attending school or their jobs .

“We investigated the properties of chocolate and took into account that it is a good stimulant that helps to increase the levels of serotonin ; the interaction it has with the plants and the raspberry gives a good result for the relief of menstrual cramps,” said Nancy González Méndez , another of the students who collaborated on the project.

There are other products in the market to counteract the symptoms and menstrual cramps, but their price exceeds MXN $80 , for the least expensive, and they are not made with natural products like the one the four students developed, which, in addition, does not have secondary effects .

Cecilia Estrada

, another member of the Ketzaly Xocolatl project, says that the objective is to help women to stop suffering from discomfort in their menstrual period.

“It’s a very special project; although it started as a school project, we decided to take it further, mainly fo r Mexican women , their economy , and to relieve their menstrual cramps.,” said Cecilia.

Diego Miranda

, student of Gastronomy , is the one in charge of buying all the natural ingredient s and to perform the production of the chocolate. He prepares 50 chocolates in three hours and for the moment the price to the public is mainly to recover their investment .

The four students do not want to reveal the names of the two medicinal plants they use in combination of raspberry and chocolate because that is the secret of their project, for which they got an A+ in the subject of Social Marketing .

If you are interested, you can contact the team for the sale of the product through their Facebook account

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