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Sulfuric acid spill was bigger than declared
Last week, Grupo México spilled a significant amount of sulfuric acid into the Sea of Cortés. Although they reported the spill was of 3,000 liters of the acid, their reports and times do not match, suggesting that the spill was bigger than declared
Activists denounce death of sea species
After the spill of 3 thousand liters of sulfuric acid in the Sea of Cortés by Grupo México, dozens of species have been found dead and many others are in danger
Grupo México spills sulfuric acid into the sea
In 2014, the company spilled a poisonous substance into the Sonora river
Mexico's new oil refinery threatens 4,000 animals
Experts identified 4,239 animals from 119 species between March 13 and April 1, 2019, in the area
The Mexican scientist fighting to save vanilla
Exploitation, genetic erosion, unfair trade, and climate change have endangered vanilla in Mexico
Dos Bocas oil refinery: devastated mangrove and wildlife at risk
According to experts, the area is often flooded and could turn into a swamp, as well as being an environmental preservation zone
Latin America's vertebrate population fell 89% since 1970
According to WWF's 2018 Living Planet Report, wildlife populations have dropped 60% globally
Gray Wolf, on its way to recovery
In a joint effort, Mexico and the United States work towards protecting the endangered Mexican gray wolf
The gray vixen was captured in a farm after being discovered preying on livestock
Benny the Elephant was rescued from a circus in 2001 and spent the rest of his life in ecological parks in the State of Mexico.