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Mexico is far from achieving tax equity
Companies that signed contracts with Pemex later received tax write-offs
Mexican soccer teams were granted tax write-offs
The list released by Fundación Fundar also includes politicians, musicians, and TV hosts
Former governments granted tax write-offs to singers and politicians
The two previous administrations canceled debts worth hundreds of millions in taxes
Ana Guevara was granted a tax pardon by the Peña Nieto administration
It was rumored that Guevara owed a favor to a powerful politician who had helped her avoid jail
Mexico will request Argentina to extradite Carlos Ahumada
Carlos Ahumada has not been exonerated of the crimes he has been accused of in Mexico
Carlos Ahumada is released by Argentinian judge
The Attorney General's Office has yet to release a statement
Tax fraud to become a felony in Mexico
In Mexico, one of the most common corruption acts are tax evasion and financial fraud
Informal vendors make more than educated professionals in Mexico
Informal economy accounted for 30% of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the first quarter of 2019
Outsourcing violates labor rights
An investigation carried out by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) revealed that companies evade on average between MXN $6,000 and MXN $8,198 for every worker annually
Mexico steps up efforts in fighting money laundering
FATF's last meeting led to the implementation of standards that will be applied in Mexico by July