On Tuesday, a Spanish citizen tried to enter Mexican territory with luxury watches by Rolex, TAG, Heuer, Mónaco, and Zenith; nevertheless, they were seized by customs officers at the Mexico City Airport (AICM), as informed by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

According to the SAT, the traveler tried to avoid paying taxes for the four luxury watches worth MXN $903,396.

USD $41,157 were seized at the same AICM checkpoint.

The Customs General Administration (AGA) also seized MXN $2,540,800 in Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo.


It added that at the “Garita de Otay” border gate, under the Tijuana customs office in Baja California, a man tried to illegally enter into Mexican territory with USD $60,000, equivalent to MXN $1,317,000.

At the Juàrez-Lincoln international bridge, under the Nuevo Laredo customs office in Tamaulipas, authorities seized USD $14,597, nearly MXN $320,404.

Both actions represent a total seizure of MXN $2.5 million.

Moreover, it revealed that as part of the protocols in all the aforementioned cases, they informed Mexico’s Attorney General Office (FGR) in order to open the corresponding investigation files.

Hence, the SAT, through the AGA, and in coordination with other Mexican government agencies, is reinforcing the actions aimed at increasing tax collection, reducing tax evasion, and fighting corruption.


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