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The Metro is full of art, music, science, and archeology
Every year, Mexico City's metro system hosts over 200 exhibitions
The 'baby metro' takes Mexico City by storm
A mini subway car was spotted the metro system and quickly became a viral sensation
The Mexibus will connect Santa Lucía and Mexico City airports
In the next days, there will be a bidding among specialized companies for the studies of the connectivity project through the injection of MXN $36.5 million, to analyze the feasibility and viability of the works of land interconnectivity solutions between the air terminals of Santa Lucía, AICM and the Toluca International Airport
Reporting crimes in Mexico is pointless
The police officers deployed at the subway stations could be colluding with criminals
Young women targeted by criminals in city's Metro
After 15 victims filed complaints, Mexico City's authorities have identified the modus operandi of the criminals
Women face kidnap attempts in Mexico City's Metro
The city's Investigation Police is looking for men who have allegedly tried to kidnap women inside and outside Mexico City's Metro
New government, old challenges
Claudia Sheinbaum takes office as Mexico City's mayor today; she is facing big challenges in regards to mobility, housing, environmental issues, among many others
Mexico City's subway: a huge challenge
Jorge Javier Jiménez Alcázar, the metro's General Director, said that it needs an investment of MXN $30,000 million to reinforce and modernize the subway system
Mexico City subway collapses
The service has worsened, users usually complain about its slowness and the crowds, as well as insecurity
Mexico City's subway: the most dangerous for women
The poll found that only about a third of women in Mexico City were confident or very confident anyone would help if they were being harassed