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The young Mexican developing space technology
The young Mexican student from Tampico dreams of becoming and astronaut
UNAM student to lead analog mission to Mars
In 2006, Danton Bazaldua was appointed one of the four emerging leaders in the aerospace sector by the Space Generation Advisory Council of the United Nations
Mexican scientists win Breakthrough Prize
Project Event Horizon Telescope captured the first photograph of a supermassive black hole
UNAM to send 9 microrobots to the moon in 2021
The robots will navigate the lunar surface and form a solar panel
Felipe Ávila went to NASA’s International Air and Space Program in 2017 and 2018
Triplemanía XXVII arrasó; se convirtió en tendencia mundial
Además de ser el tema más comentado en redes sociales, la función magna de la lucha libre Triple A se convirtió en el evento más visto a nivel nacional
Mexican student to participate in NASA program
The student from Zacatecas is part of the team of 55 youths who will participate in the International Space Station Program, fostered by NASA
Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashed onto moon after technical failures
Beresheet would have been the first craft to land on the moon that was not the product of a government program
Mexican scientist gains international recognition for Mars research
A scientist from UNAM, Rafael Navarro González wrote a paper on the role of hydrogen in Mars' climate
NASA cancels first all-women spacewalk
Nearly 60 years after the first human blasted off into space, less than 11% of the 500 plus people who have traveled to space have been women, and spacewalk teams have either been all-male or male-female