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Mexican scientists focus on COVID-19 research using Swiss synchrotron
Researchers are studying the chemical structure of SARS-CoV-2
UNAM to start animal testing on COVID-19 vaccine
UNAM experts plan to run clinical trials in 2021
The UNAM is approved to analyze COVID-19 rapid tests
The UNAM's School of Chemistry will be in charge of analyzing the samples
UNAM develops auxiliary computing system for COVID-19 diagnosis
The use of the system could be extended to the whole national health system
IPN scientists develop rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19
Rapid diagnostic tests are fundamental to control the spread of COVID-19
Lessons from the past: What we’ve learned from the history of pandemics
Experience from pandemics such as the H1N1 in 2009 can help us defeat new viruses
NASA shares astonishing picture of Mexico from space
The picture was taken from the International Space Station
Mexican scientists develop COVID-19 antibody test
The test will allow health authorities to know if a person is infected with the new coronavirus
Guillermo Haro, the first Mexican astronomer elected to the Royal Astronomical Society
Haro became an insatiable promoter of science and astronomy in Mexico and the world