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ICA, Samsung and KBR to build the Dos Bocas refinery
The companies that offered a higher percentage of national integration were ICA with 96%, Samsung with 50% in both of its contracts, and KBR with 79.5% in one contract and 85.7% in another.
Mexico to implement USD $7 billion tax cut in Pemex
Pemex is the world’s most indebted company
Mexico's new oil refinery threatens 4,000 animals
Experts identified 4,239 animals from 119 species between March 13 and April 1, 2019, in the area
Mexico starts the construction of the Dos Bocas oil refinery
The President revealed that “every month, I host at least 20 meetings with foreign and Mexican investors who want to build a refinery”
Pemex aims to increase oil production by 2024
López Obrador said that once Pemex increases its oil output, it will produce resources to promote the country's development
Dos Bocas oil refinery: devastated mangrove and wildlife at risk
According to experts, the area is often flooded and could turn into a swamp, as well as being an environmental preservation zone
The firms bidding to build Mexico's new oil refinery have a dark past
“The companies we are calling upon for the Dos Bocas refinery are the best in the world,” López Obrador said earlier on Monday
Does Pemex have a reason to celebrate?
On this day in 1938, then President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized the oil industry
Transport companies and Pemex suppliers are linked to fuel theft
The government has its eye on companies that own between 100 and 350 tanker trucks each, some of which have been used to transport both legal and stolen Pemex fuel
Pemex and the Finance Ministry met with investors in New York
Pemex explained that the visit to New York was to communicate the aims and strategic goals of the new administration