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Pemex to invest trillions in the current administration
Pemex's new exploratory and development strategy is part of the investment program Mexico's government will present in February
Mexico reaffirms its nationalist policies by canceling 2020 oil and gas auctions
According to the President, private companies are not fulfilling their contracts
Mexico hedges Pemex 2020 oil output to protect from low crude prices
The oil hedging program, the world’s largest financial oil deal, is designed to protect Latin America’s second-largest economy against oil price crashes
Pemex oil platform fire injures three in Gulf of Mexico
The Akal-C6 platform is located in the Sound of Campeche in the southern Gulf of Mexico
Mexico defers clean diesel rule for Pemex
Mexico’s Energy Regulator voted to defer for five more years a rule requiring national oil company Pemex to produce, distribute and sell ultra-low-sulfur diesel nationwide
Pemex discovers giant crude oil deposit in Tabasco
The deposit in southeastern Mexico could yield 500 million barrels of crude
Fuel oil crisis threatens Pemex
The entry into force of the new rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO 2020) that forbid vessels to use fuel oil with high sulfur content (over 0.5%) affects not only national production but its commercialization in the domestic market, as well as its exports
Oro Negro, the company accusing Pemex of corruption
Oro Negro is in a legal battle against Pemex where they claim that the state oil company violated the contracts they signed because they refused to pay bribes
Mexican government is not seeking control of Zama oilfield
President López Obrador denied the Mexican government is trying to take control of the Zama oilfield discovery, currently operated by private consortium Talos Energy
Pemex to go retro with new network of gas stations
Mexico's state oil company will look to exploit nostalgia through a retro 1950s design in its new gas stations