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Mexico: The military returns to the streets 
When Felipe Calderón took office, soldiers began to implement operations against organized crime
Mexico's military will carry out public security tasks 
In recent months, the National Guard was deployed to Mexico’s northern and southern borders to halt immigration
COVID-19: Mexico’s National Guard steps in to protect IMSS hospitals
The National Guard will protect healthcare facilities in 19 Mexican states
The National Guard is accused of violating human rights
During the last decade, the armed forces perpetrated serious human rights violations
AMLO defends security plan after Michoacán police ambush
On Monday, over a dozen police officers were shot dead in an ambush in Aguililla, Michoacán, in one of the bloodiest attacks against security forces since Mexican President López Obrador took office in December
Mexican National Guard blocks US-bound migrant caravan
Approximately 2,000 migrants from Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America were halted by Mexican military police hours after they embarked toward the United States
The National Guard's flaws
A series of inconsistencies in the deployment of the National Guard has been exposed
105 bags with human remains found in Zapopan
Experts of the Institute of Forensic Science of Jalisco and officers of Zapopan’s Civil Protection continue working on the rescue of human remains found in Zapopan
Drug cartels war puts Mexico in violence blacklist
International Crisis Group, a think tank specialized in conflict management, reported that Mexico’s situation regarding large-scale violence corresponds to that of countries affected by war
Mexico’s successful crackdown on migration
Mexico has deployed more than 25,000 National Guard militarized police along its borders and stepped up raids on people traffickers