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Mexican scientists win Breakthrough Prize
Project Event Horizon Telescope captured the first photograph of a supermassive black hole
Mexican students helped by Guillermo del Toro excel in Maths Olympiad
Back in May, Guillermo del Toro offered to cover the travel expenses of the team to South Africa
Mexican students conquer the International Mathematical Olympiad
The Mexican team attended the International Mathematical Olympiad in London
Mexican children triumph at international mathematics contest
The 2019 Aloha Mental Arithmetic contest took place in Foshan, China
8-year-old Mexican math genius to compete in China
Sergio Antonio Luna Álvarez is only 8 years old and his outstanding abilities have amazed experts
Mexican children changing the world through science
In Michoacán, 12-year-old Jairo decided to make an anti-graffiti coating using cacti mucus
Guillermo del Toro helps Mexican students attend mathematics contest
After the message went viral, thousands of social media users praised and thanked the filmmaker for his kindness
Girl Power: Mexican students triumph at Mathematical Olympiad
Interior Minister Olga Sánchez congratulated the students on their achievement
Mexican students win bronze at the 2018 International Physics Olympiad
The physics contest, aimed at high school students, consists of individual, theoretical and experimental tests
Mexico's surpassed Brazil, a country that in previous years had always won first place in the Latin America competition