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Alumnos asesinados en 2010, la razón por la que Calderón canceló su visita al Tec
El 19 de marzo de ese año, los alumnos Jorge Antonio Mercado y Javier Francisco Arredondo recibieron varios impactos de bala mientras ocurría un enfrentamiento entre soldados y presuntos delincuentes
Proove, the Mexican sneakers stepping up the game
Mexican Gabriel David Valencia Ramos created Proove, a sneakers brand full of design and passion for sports
Avocado pits are good for your health
A recent study has shown the benefits of consuming avocado pits
Mexicans solve problem unattainable for Newton
Mexican scientists from ITESM achieve the impossible by solving a centuries-old problem of optical physics that not even Newton could figure out
Mexican students create stress-fighting gummies
Students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) developed GOM, healthy gummy candies, to help with stress, immunologic and digestive conditions.
Mexican student invents chip to detect cancer
The microfluid chip is part of Mayoral Peña’s doctoral project and works with small blood samples
ITESM to build Mexico’s first eSports training center in Guadalajara
The eSports training center will be inaugurated in August, at the beginning of the new school year
Mexican students create healthy instant soup
Daniel Sánchez and Rafael Álvarez avoided using noodles, refined flour, and pasta
Piden padres de víctimas capacitar a militares
Secretaria de Gobernación ofrece disculpas a familiares de estudiantes asesinados en el Tec hace nueve años
Mexican students create pantyliner that detects infections
The LifeDrop pantyliner will allow women to detect infections and cervical cancer in a timely manner