Mexico registers thousands of COVID-19 cases in rural and indigenous communities 
Many of these communities lack basic services such as running water
Indigenous Mexican corn threatened by U.S. biopiracy
Scientists from the University of California and the University of Wisconsin-Madison working for Mars Inc. company committed biopiracy with the genetic characteristics of a species of corn from the Mixe indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico
The new Mexico City airport could affect water supply in Indigenous communities
The President canceled the USD $13 billion airport through a non-binding referendum
El Chapo wants to donate his fortune to Indigenous communities
The president said he approved the idea that the wealth of “El Chapo,” is distributed among poor communities
Indigenous communities against Santa Lucía
Communities from the municipality of Tecámac are afraid of losing part of their territory, suffering from a water collapse, and other affectations to their daily life due to the project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
What is cultural appropriation and why is it unethical
2 cultural appropriation cases sparked controversy in Mexico: Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton
Mayan groups demand halt of AMLO’s Mayan Train
Mayan organizations released a statement for AMLO’s visit to the Yucatán Peninsula criticizing the colonizing intervention of the government that threatens their autonomy, unity and free will
Louis Vuitton & Raw Edges are accused of cultural appropriation in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL in English has reached out to Raw Edges for more information
President López Obrador trusts no one
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Indigenous community starts legal battle to recover lands at Toluca-Naucalpan highway
The Otomi community of Huitzizilapan has asked Mexico’s new administration to return their lands