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Mass grave in Jalisco: At least 29 bodies found in plastic bags
A total of 119 plastic bags with human remains were found in a well in Zapopan, Jalisco. The investigation is still in progress, however, four bodies have already been identified
105 bags with human remains found in Zapopan
Experts of the Institute of Forensic Science of Jalisco and officers of Zapopan’s Civil Protection continue working on the rescue of human remains found in Zapopan
Mexico, where you can buy human remains for MXN $20
To prevent these practices, the UNAM started the Corpses Donation Program
Officials in the state prosecutor's office said Federal Police officers had found the bags in a vehicle stopped in the southern part of the state
The grisly discoveries came in the municipality of Zitlala, where a drug gang had set up a rural camp where it held kidnap victims and disposed of its victims' bodies
Five were found in an empty field, while the other was located at a ranch in Gutiérrez Zamora.
The experts found other nine sets of human remains in the area.
It is suspected that the murders are related to fights among drug dealers.
The body parts were found inside metal barrels, according to the authorities.
They could be related to the disappearance of five youngsters in Tierra Blanca.