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Mexico and Uruguay call for dialogue to resolve Venezuelan crisis
Mexico and Uruguay said that negotiations were the only acceptable way to achieve a peaceful solution to the deepening political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, as they welcomed the release from jail of key opposition figure Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the Venezuelan National Assembly
Mexico and the world need the free press
In the last decade, dozens of journalists have been murdered in Mexico
Mexico needs unity
There is worry but also a genuine interest to build a healthy scenario to debate about national issues
Venezuela needs support from the international community
Its oil richness has diminished, while the economic and monetary policies have sparked an unprecedented inflation
Mexico's efficient electoral system
The Mexican electoral system is one of the most valuable contributions made by political reforms in the last decades
The risk of a public consultation
Launching a consultation for government decisions should be a common measure among democratic societies
INE: Certainty and legality
The INE played a fundamental role during election day and helped to strengthen our democracy
We have a democratic calling
Mexico's young democracy passed the test this July 1st, when it faced the challenge of holding the largest elections in the history of the country
Your vote, a date with History
As it happens every six years, Mexican citizens are uncertain of what the outcome of this election will bring – for good or ill – yet it is our duty to vote for the country we want to live in
Democracies facing severe crisis of public faith
“Right now the biggest risk for democracies is that the public no longer sees them as democratic”