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Mexico’s craddle of corn is threatened by climate change
In recent years, more frequent and longer droughts have forced Mexican farmers to give up corn and other cereals in favor of alternatives requiring less water
Mexican scientists create eco-friendly insecticide to save corn
The neem-based insecticide allows rural families who live from grain production to efficiently store corn
Mexico City's best new bistro rescues native maize
There is no fixed menu and the restaurant only uses seasonal produce
Indigenous Mexican corn threatened by U.S. biopiracy
Scientists from the University of California and the University of Wisconsin-Madison working for Mars Inc. company committed biopiracy with the genetic characteristics of a species of corn from the Mixe indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico
Aztec god Xipe Tótec and his link to pozole
Also called “Our Lord the Flayed One,” Xipe Tótec was the god of new vegetation, fertility, and war and was one of the four creators of the universe
Mexican superfoods for children
The Health Ministry suggests monitoring the weight and size of girls and boys to ensure their optimum development
5 health benefits of purple corn
Many traditional Mexican meals are made with corn, but it is also good for your health
The Mexican who defeated racism in Los Angeles
Víctor Pérez migrated to the U.S. and was a victim of racism; his amazing story gives hope for those looking for justice and the American Dream
Xilinat, a natural sweetener suitable for diabetics
Xilinat, a natural sweetener made from husks of coffee, beans, rice or corn rachis, is a healthy product that can be consumed by people with diabetes or obesity
The Mexican restaurant in the heart of Kenya
15,000 kilometers away from Mexico, in Kenya, there is a traditional Mexican restaurant owned by a Kenyan woman and an Indian immigrant