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Mexico investigates the purchase of fertilizer plants during the Peña Nieto administration
The federal government is auditing many plants, including the ones located in Veracruz and Michoacán
Mexican government blacklists former Pemex executive director
According to sources, Emilio Lozoya was barred from holding public office for 10 years
Mexico to prosecute judges who colluded with drug cartels
The President announced he would expose corrupt judges who have colluded with criminals
Mexico City: Police officers work for the cartels
Criminals pay officers up to MXN $20,000 per month to join their ranks, more than the average police officer salary
New Mexican government bans Odebrecht from federal projects
Odebrecht is known for bribing high-ranking politicians, including Presidents, across Latin America
The key to end corruption
The results presented by International Transparency in regards to the Corruption Perception Index confirm the suspicion: the problem worsened in the last years
El Chapo allegedly paid a USD $100 million bribe to Peña Nieto
In November 2018, Guzmán's lawyer claimed El Chapo had bribed two former Mexican Presidents, Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón
El Chapo allegedly bribed high-ranking government officials
Zambada said he paid “a few million” dollars to a Mexico City government official while López Obrador was the mayor
Will Morena fight against bribes?
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Peña and Calderón allegedly received millions from drug cartel
El Chapo's trial is taking place in New York; he could be sentenced to life in prison