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Emiliano Zapata’s painting to be part of controversial art collection
Spanish businessman Tatxo Benet recently purchased “La Revolución” by Mexican artist Fabián Chairez due to the censorship surrounding it
Museo del Chopo among the top 15 exhibitions around the world
The list includes contemporary art exhibitions from museums all over the world
The young Mexican composer playing a tune of success in Europe
Diana Syrse is also a soprano who has fought for the visibility of women in art and the integration of Mexican music overseas
Emiliano Zapata’s painting sparks homophobic controversy
In the painting “The Revolution,” Fabián Cháirez represented Emiliano Zapata from another perspective: naked, with a pink hat, and wearing high heels
The nightmarish art of H.G. Giger arrives in Mexico
Titled “Alone with Night," the exhibition will be Giger's biggest retrospective
The secret bookstores in Mexico City
The reason to keep these bookstores secret has to do with creating an intimate and special relationship between the reader and the book
The Chimalli shield, an Aztec emblem of art
The complex elaboration process of the Cuexyo Chimalli included the breeding and hunting of birds used for their feathers by Aztec artists
Mexican ballerina Elisa Carrillo receives Marius Petipa Award
This is the third international award received by the talented Mexican ballerina this year
God's eye: a Wixáritari tradition
The Wixáritari have preserved this amulet for hundreds of years
Mexican muralists to take over New York
The Whitney Museum of American Art gathers over 200 pieces from 60 artists to pay tribute to the huge influence of Mexican muralists in American art