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EL UNIVERSAL in English/Sofía Danis
Mexico City

San Gregorio Atlapulco amidst the debris

San Gregorio Atlapulco was one of the most devastated neighborhoods in Xochimilco

Last month, Mexico was struck by two devastating earthquakes, an 8.2-magnitude quake on Thursday, September 7, followed by a 7.1-magnitude quake on Tuesday, September 19.

Particularly, in Mexico CityXochimilco, best known for its canal network and chinampas (artificial islands) was the most affected borough.

San Gregorio Atlapulco was one of the most devastated neighborhoods in Xochimilco.

People try to get back on track while living by the sidewalks, meters away from the remains of buildings and houses than a week ago were standing.

Steel rods, masonry debris, and wooden logs have become part of the landscape in the devastated neighborhood.