The municipality of Tizimín in the Mexican state of Yucatán won the with a 3,009.65 meters long Three Kings cake that required two tonnes of flour, 13,000 eggs, and 19,000 baby Jesus figurines

With this, Tizimín “stole” the record from a private university in Saltillo, Coahuila, which last year made . In order to make this delicious bread, bakers used two tonnes of flour, 10,000 eggs, 350 kg of margarine, 18 liters of vanilla essence, 18 liters of orange essence, 25 kg of yeast, 150 kg of lard, and 700 kg of sugar. Also, 7,000 small plastic figures of Jesus were placed inside the bread.

In line with Mexican tradition, families gather around a delicious, soft ‘Rosca’ – also known as Bread- to celebrate the arrival of the . Each of its ingredients has symbols and hidden meanings that date back several hundreds of years ago. Although the tradition is deeply rooted in Mexico, where it has become a pretext for family gatherings, it is of European origin and born from Catholic faith .

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The measuring process took place for five hours , so some attendees went back to their homes, nevertheless, at the end of the process, the certifiers informed that one of the requirements was for the bread to be distributed among the attendees, so authorities cut the bread and gave it to the hundreds of inhabitants and visitors.

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, an official Guinness Records certifier, said that they evaluated that the line of bread does not exceed 50 cm per unit since they must be perfectly united and for the bread to be made with the traditional recipe.

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According to Daniel Ávila Ruiz , president of the Organizer Committee , the bakeries that participated in the challenge divided the preparation as follows: the “ Ángel de Oro, ” 1 km; “ The Best ,” 1 km; “ The Friendship ,” 400 meters; and “ La Reforma ,” 600 meters.

The making of – which began in the weekend – comprised over a thousand persons , between bakers and high school and college students, employees, and government officials from Tizimín, Yucatán.

The recipe also needed 50 kg of yeast, 50 kg of salt, 625 kg of sugar, 625 liters of milk, 1,500 pieces of , and a gold figurine.

The Guinness World Record was won in the framework of the Year Fair of Tizimín , Yucatán that celebrates the coming of the Three Wise Men.

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