Your vote, a date with History

As it happens every six years, Mexican citizens are uncertain of what the outcome of this election will bring – for good or ill – yet it is our duty to vote for the country we want to live in

Your vote, a date with History
English 01/07/2018 08:48 Mexico City Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 08:48
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The time has come to go to the polling stations. It's not overreacting to say that today Mexicans have a date with History since this is the largest election ever held in Mexico as not only thousands of public offices at a local, state, and federal level will be voted for but also the path and development model our country will follow.

Regardless of the project we support among those who represent a political party coalition, it's crucial that we go and vote today for those who will rule. Not doing so would mean we want things to stay the same.

It's our duty as citizens to go to our polling stations and cast our vote but in a conscious, free, informed, and thoughtful way, based on a reasoned decision. It's now when citizens have more power to be heard, so let us be heard this way, with full conviction and coherence with our principles and in accordance with the country we wish to have.

Moreover, for the explosive social context and the level of violence recorded throughout the campaign period across all the national territory – caused, mainly, by organized crime groups, who have certainly jeopardized the electoral and security systems – it's necessary that all citizens, in defense of our institutions – the only ones with valid authority – go and vote with a sound judgment and peacefully.

We have to bear in mind that we have seen a real power struggle, an unconventional one at that, reflected on the several deaths and attacks against politicians and all other manifestations of political violence we have witnessed. That is why it is important to vote, to show that we support our still young democracy.

As it happens every six years and as is natural, all Mexican citizens are still uncertain of what the outcome of this election will bring – for good or ill – in the near future. Naturally, we all wish our candidates would win yet given this is an impossibility, we have to behave with civility and patriotism regardless of the circumstances, in accordance with the idea that we are all Mexicans and that we all want what's best for our country. The candidates, for their part, will have to respect the results of the election, an election we hope is clean and transparent.

Therefore, once the election concludes and once a majority has voted for someone, we have to begin the social and moral reconciliation and the reconstruction of our Mexico. Today, meanwhile, we all have to vote.


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