Will the government investigate Manuel Bartlett’s son?

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Will the government investigate Manuel Bartlett’s son?
Manuel Bartlett’s son has been accused of profiting from the pandemic - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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Will the government investigate Manuel Bartlett’s son?

We’ve been told that the Coparmex will issue a statement about the need for President López Obrador to investigate and perhaps punish the direct awarding of an IMSS contract to León Manuel Bartlett, which was signed to purchase ventilators at an overprice. According to the Coparmex, this action will send a clear message that in case a corruption case is proved, the federal government will not tolerate it, even if it involves the son of CFE director Manuel Bartlett.

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Will several industries return to work?

Today, the lawmakers will virtually meet with Economy Minister Graciela Márquez to discuss and promote the reopening of several industries. They are interested in this agenda so that Mexico is in sync with the U.S. and Canada in the definition of the industries that must be considered as essential so that they can return to work. The goal is to help industries such as the automotive one to return to work after its activities came to a halt amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t think there’s pressure from Washington, this is a sovereign decision. 

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Frauds amid a pandemic

Now criminals are defrauding people through fake Pemex and Defense Ministry websites. A few weeks ago, the Sedena denounced a fake website that offered paperwork in exchange for money. Now, the National Guard said it discovered a website that offered gas vouchers. Although the National Guard has shut down several websites, criminals open more fake websites, even outside Mexico, which makes it difficult to stop them.

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The debate continues

Scientists who have criticized the way in which the government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, insist that it is necessary to test more people before people return to their normal activities in some locations on May 18. They are concerned about municipalities with few cases, especially because they might not have an epidemiological barrier acquired by those who have already contracted the virus and are now immune. One of these scientists is Alejandro Macías, the man who was in charge of the AH1N1 epidemic in 2009, who has said that more tests will guarantee it’s safe to return to activities. Although it might be more expensive to tests people, it’s better to prevent contagions. The debate continues.

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