And why don't you catch them?

Mexico City's government has denied the presence of cartels in the capital for a long, it can no longer hide their presence, they need to fight and eradicate them

And why don't you catch them?
Mexico City's biggest problem against crime is corruption – Photo: Claudio Cruz/XINHUA
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Virtually everything is known about the violence and the criminal groups that have emerged in the last decades: their modus operandi, their members, and the areas where they have influence. Books and articles have been written, and TV series and movies have been filmed about them.

For a long time, it seemed like the criminal groups didn't have a presence in Mexico City. The crime rate was effectively lower than those in other regions of the country.

Nevertheless. in the last couple of years, executions, the fights between groups and dismembered bodies have become a common occurrence in the capital.

Today, EL UNIVERSAL is publishing information from the capital's Public Prosecution about drug dealing. The documents give several details: the Unión Tepito and the Fuerza Anti-Unión are fighting 2,000 selling points, it's known who their leaders are, the areas where they operate, and how they do it. The details are plenty, but even if they're known, the criminal rate won't drop, and the arrest of criminal leaders is not announced.

What are the police forces doing to contain violence? In the report, it's explained: “patrolling and intelligence tasks” with which they hope to minimize malice murder and extortion against shopkeepers.

It's quite evident that these actions aren't enough because crimes still happen on a daily basis. A wider control over the police is required.

EL UNIVERSAL showed a video on May 14, where a police officer can be seen receiving a bribe from an alleged drug dealer that operates in the historical center of the city. It was announced that the Justice and Honor Commission opened an investigation, but the outcome is yet to be known. Pure opacity.

The local authorities took a long time, but now they have recognized the presence of criminal groups. They have plenty of information about the criminal groups and they deploy surveillance operations. Why don't they catch the criminals? Why don't they sanction the officers who go against the goals of the public safety agency?

The fight against drug cartels should consist of intelligence work, surveillance, prevention and the eradication of the police officers' poor practices.

The insecurity problem has reached extreme levels in certain areas of the country, but it's still not too late to control it in Mexico City.


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