The video Anaya covets

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The video Anaya covets
Ricardo Anaya - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 21/06/2018 09:59 Mexico City OPINION: Under Reserve Actualizada 09:59
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The video Anaya covets

What Ricardo Anaya wouldn't give for having a video like the one the former presidential candidate Margarita Zavala just recorded. We've been told that the former member of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) recently supported the candidate of the PAN running for Mayor of Monterrey, Felipe de Jesús Cantú. In the video, which the politician uploaded to his social networks, Zavala tells citizens that if she lived in Monterrey, she'd vote for Mr. Felipe de Jesús. We've been reminded that we're six days away from election day and there seems to be no possible reunion on the horizon, or a support video featuring Margarita in favor of the presidential candidate, even less so now that the PAN war room has declared war on former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, linking him to the Odebrecht corruption scandal.

AMLO and international media

Yesterday, just one week away from election day, the eyes of international media have set on the campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). For the rallies of this Wednesday in Los Reyes and Coacalco, it's expected to see media from Europe and the United States joining in. Could it be that these media aren't convinced by the speeches of the adversaries of Mr. Andrés Manuel, claiming this July 1st there will be a surprise and that they will defeat Mr. Obrador, contrary to what polls say? Could they also be thinking this is a done deal?

Cracks in the PAN-PRD-NC Front

If there is no negotiation, today the Secretary of Political Action of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Vladimir Aguilar, will make some strong declarations on the presidential election, specifically, on the alliance of the PAN-MC-PRD and the poor negotiation that, they claim, they made by supporting Ricardo Anaya. PRD members sustain that their presidential candidate has cast the PRD aside and that he neglected to inform they he would be meeting with the Front for Families and that the Front would ultimately pronounce itself against abortion. They are also worried because, in several states where they didn't manage to form an alliance, the PRD could lose its registration. If these accusations were to be made public, the allies of Mr. Ricardo could cripple his campaign in such a crucial time. The thing here is that the Front is cracking, the question is if it will break…

The reasons of the electoral court

The resignation of Margarita Zavala, by the way, has been a complicated issue given that neither electoral authorities nor legislators expected a situation like this. At least that is how the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch sees it, led by Magistrate Janine Otálora, and this unexpected outcome has been the source of debate because votes for her in ballots will be nullified yet if citizens were to vote for another candidate then their vote would count in favor of this other individual. The resolution of the Electoral Court of nullifying the votes for Zavala but allowing them to count if another candidate is selected, should be understood as a logic way to protect citizen's choices and provide clarity to the process, according to the electoral magistrates.


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