Víctor Flores, the controversial union leader

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Víctor Flores, the controversial union leader
Víctor Flores, the leader of the Mexican Union of Rail Workers- Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Víctor Flores, the controversial union leader

A few years ago, the Mexican Union of Rail Workers was one of the biggest symbols of corruption, as well as its leader, Víctor Flores. However, he was labeled a saint by the current government to the point that Morena lawmaker Emmanuel Reyes Carmona attended the celebration for the 87th anniversary of the union. We’ve been told that the lawmaker thanked the union for the support it has shown towards the federal government, including the Maya train.

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Who will lead the transparency institute?

The process to renew the leadership of the transparency institute, INAI, has started. We’ve been told that the process will be a tough one. The possible scenarios include Julieta del Río, Cintya Cantero, and Óscar Guerra Ford. But in case Tania Pérez Farca or Agustín Millan Goméz join the institute, the new president could be Blanca Lilia Ibarra. In the Senate, the political parties will fight to control the institute.

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The Lebarón family heads to Guerrero

After the LeBarón family participated in a protest in Guanajuato this weekend, they will lead another demonstration. We’ve been told that Adrián, Julián, and Bryan LeBarón will be part of a protest in Chilapa, Guerrero on February 8. The activism of the LeBarón family will increase and they will attend any protest to demand justice and truth for the victims of violence. According to activists, the LeBarón family could gather groups, NGOs, and victims. We’ve been told that the question is if the force of the Mormon family could turn into political parties and government positions.

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The renovation is almost ready

It turns out that the Senate will be ready to welcome the senators back to work. The renovation works will end on February 5 and legislators will be able to go back to work. It was first reported that the renovation would end on January 27 but the works took longer.

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