Uber launches in Michoacán

Despite authority warning and threats from the transport sector, the company said they're proud of working in the state

First Uber passenger in the state - Photo: Courtesy
English 19/10/2017 15:00 Carlos Arrieta Morelia, Michoacán Actualizada 14:26

Between threats from the transport sector in the state and warnings from the Michoacán authorities, the technological platform Uber began its operations in the cities of Morelia and Uruapan.

The main complaint against the company is the “irregular” service the company provides, operating outside legal frameworks.

The head of the Coordination Transport Commission Marco Lagunas, has cautioned that the services of the company aren't regulated and that there isn't any approval for this transport modality to provide its services in any of the 113 municipalities of Michoacán.

He further clarified the operators and vehicles providing the service will be subjected to the corresponding penalties and fines pursuant to the laws in effect.

At the same time, public transport organizations have declared they will not allow Uber, or rival-company Cabify, to conduct their operations in the state because the cars are “illegal taxis.”

José Martínez, president of the Transportation Regulating Commission stated they have joined the transporters of other countries in Europe and Latin America in demanding the removal of the private transport units.

Meanwhile, Uber published in social networks that their first passenger was Carlos Guzmán, football player of the Monarcas Morelia soccer team, and on their blog, they stated they're proud of working in a state with an “incredible cultural and gastronomic wealth.”