Wrestler and Nacho Libre actor dies during show

The Mexican wrestler won championships in Mexico and Japan, he became widely popular after staring in the Nacho Libre film

Silver King, pro wrestler and Nacho Libre actor, dies during show
Silver King starred in the Nacho Libre film - Photo: Taken from Lucha Libre World's Instagram account
English 14/05/2019 13:07 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 13:23
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The wrestling world has lost one of its most talented and charismatic figures. Silver King, the popular professional wrestler, who also appeared on the Nacho Libre film, died during a show in London.

Silver King was participating at the Lucha World Fest in London when he suddenly fainted. Reports suggest he suffered a cardiac arrest.

The company that hosted the event in London, the Lucha Libre Worldwide Association, and other wrestlers lamented his death.

The beloved wrestler won championships in Mexico, Japan, among other countries and became widely popular after staring in the Nacho Libre film.


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