Sexism inside Mexico’s ruling party
The party leader Yeidckol Polevnsky is the victim of gender violence - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Sexism inside Mexico’s ruling party

Mexico City
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Sexism inside Mexico’s ruling party

According to Morena’s Carol Arriaga, party leader Yeidckol Polevnsky is the victim of gender violence. Mexico’s ruling party presented its 2020 women’s agenda yesterday and in this context, Polevnsky defended Arriaga, who has been facing sexist Morena leaders in Guanajuato and other states. Nevertheless, we’ve been told that the main fight inside Morena is between two women, Polevnsky and Bertha Luján.

Catfight at Morena

PRI members join Morena

We’ve been told that former PRI member Fernando Castro Trenti is now feeling at home at Morena, who is now an adviser for Morena at the lower chamber and for Mario Delgado, after working as an advisor for Jaime Bonilla in Baja California. We’ve been told that as the days go by, more and more former PRI members will join powerful positions in the Legislative and Executive branches. We’ve been told that there are several factors behind this decision since Morena needs officials with experience and because several PRI members don’t see a future for the party in the incoming years and are looking for a place inside the current administration.

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Rocío Nahle has something to say

We’ve been told that Energy Minister Rocío Nahle doesn’t miss her times in the opposition when she was Morena’s coordinator in the lower chamber. We’ve been told that yesterday, when she arrived at Mexico City’s airport, after a three-day-trip with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the CFE chief, Manuel Bartlett, and when someone yelled “Let’s go Texcoco!” to the President, Nahle responded “Of course, that’s why we’re building Santa Lucía buddy,” just like when she was a lawmaker.

Mexico's Ministry of Energy moves headquarters to Tabasco​​​​​​​

The Supreme Court will face challenges in 2020

Very interesting decisions await the Supreme Court in 2020, as the ministers will face harsh times. We’ve been told that ministers will discuss the contesting of the so-called Bonilla law, the law against false invoices, and even the expired ownership. The good thing is that the Supreme Court hasn’t refused to study these cases but the bad thing is that the ministers could take over a year to issue a verdict, and the worst is that Morena could take advantage and modify the laws and hinder the contesting, as in the case of the salaries.

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