Senators will now eat fast food

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Senators will now eat fast food
Legislators will say goodbye to fancy restaurants - Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski
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Senators will now eat fast food

It seems like Morena's Senators are taking austerity pretty seriously, and to prove the point, we're told that the Senate's president, Martí Batres Guadarrama, was seen having a great time with his family in the food court in the Parque Delta mall. We're told that Mr. Martí is a frequent visitor at the mall, which is close to his home. As you might remember, Batres Guadarrama was the first ones to propose a cut in the Senate's budget and to get rid of unnecessary expenses, not just in regards to major medical expenses, but also in regards to the meals the Senators treated themselves to, even on weekends. So now it'll be easier to run into the legislators in line to get hamburgers or salads in malls, rather than in the fancy restaurants they were used to, of course, paid with public funds.

The PRI's first challenge in the Senate

Noé Castañón Ramírez, elected Senator and until now, a fugitive, might have his days at the PRI's bench numbered. The deadline to register for the Senate expired on August 28, which he didn't apply for and hasn't requested until now, and hasn't carried out any actions before the Senate's authorities. However, in the PRI's bench, coordinated by Senator Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, they have sent messages saying it would be better if he didn't show up to his legislative endeavors until he solves his personal and legal issues. We're told that the PRI members consider that having someone accused of family violence is not the best presentation card to a party that has a lot to rebuild inside, and on the outside. This way, the first sensitive issue in the PRI's bench has nothing to do with their opponents, but with an internal issue.

He was banned by Cuau and now he's heading to the Bansefi

We're told that the winner is the former Senator, Rabindranath Salazar, from Morelos. We're told that Rabindranath was in line to be part of the super-delegates to the state's governments, designated by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Nevertheless, in Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco's group didn't approve of his designation, so they opted for a red card. By leaving a former Senator close to López Obrador, out of the field in Morelos, they also helped him choose a new position. They explain that in the face of this, he will be designated as the National Savings and Financial Services Bank's president (Bansefi), a charge currently occupied by Virgilio Andrade. They point out that last week, Salazar went to the bank with his team to learn about the management of it. They explain that here applies the old lesson, that it doesn't matter if the pull out a red card if you're friends with the ball's owner, you can still play.

Morena has a lot to give

We're told that last Saturday, Morena's legislator not only made Claudia Ruiz Massieu, PRI, or Carlos Puente, PVEM, uncomfortable, but also the former Puebla Governor and current Senator, Rafael Moreno Valle, because of the alleged fraud in Puebla's election, and which resolution is still in the tribunals. It's enough to remember what Morena's parliamentary leader, Mario Delgado, said in the tribune: “We demand justice in the case of the electoral fraud in Puebla”. Which confirmed Morena has something for each one of their opponents.


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