The Senate, at Morena's service?

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The Senate, at Morena's service?
Paco Ignacio Taibo II - Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Senate, at Morena's service

The Fourth Transformation, even with its absolute majority in Congress, had to hit the brakes in some cases, such as the decree that reforms a law to accommodate one of the biggest AMLO supporters. Francisco Ignacio Taibo Mahojo, appointed as the director of the Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE), the state-run publishing house, could take office only if the requirement to be Mexican by birth is modified. Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez (PRI) made it clear that the issue should follow the regular proceeding, and Morena members will have to wait until Thursday to discuss the case, and as the case may be, send the proposal to Congress, and it would be until December when the obstacle is tackled. The opposition, aware that Morena is an overwhelming force, is looking to teach Morena that Congress is not at their service, as they seem to think...

The Ministry of Labor is getting ready...
For unemployment!
To prepare some, or perhaps many, employees, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, led by Roberto Campa, has started sending out e-mails titled “How to survive a dismissal”. The e-mail contains advice on what can those who are fired do. It says working life is full of ups and downs and end by saying “Find a new job” and proposes visiting this website: www.empleo.gob.mx.

The PVEM betrays Morena

The PVEM gave a low blow to Morena, its recent ally, by getting together with the opposition in Congress to prevent the elimination of the exemption for the President. We've been told that the PVEM took this decision because its doubts were ignored by Morena. We've been told that this situation is the result of an intransigent opposition maintained by Morena since the discussion about the commissions. So the PVEM betrayed Morena, by stopping the President-elect from receiving the initiative the way he requested it.

Peña Nieto says goodbye to Los Pinos

President Peña Nieto is saying goodbye to Los Pinos today. He is hosting his last official event at the presidential residence today, which is being considered as highly-significant for three reasons: because it's his last ceremony in the presidential residence, because Los Pinos will no longer host events as the presidential residence, and because it will be a goodbye to the Presidential Guard. Of course, we've been told, Peña Nieto has a message full of gratefulness and appreciation for the members of the guard, who have accompanied him and protected him and his family for the last six years. This is the end of the specialized military force.


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