Santa Lucía International Airport to operate in 2021

Despite the legal hurdles that paralyzed the project, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the construction of the new airport would start this Thursday

Santa Lucía International Airport to operate in 2021
AISL will replace part-buit Texcoco airport – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 17/10/2019 13:38 Newsroom & Agencies Mexico City Daina Beth Solomon/REUTERS & Diana Lastiri & Alberto Morales/EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 13:38
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Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the construction of Santa Lucía International Airport (AISL), north of Mexico City, will begin on Thursday and the site will open by 2021, despite a slew of legal hurdles that have slowed work on the project.

The airport, a military base in Santa Lucía to be converted into a commercial airport, is meant to replace part-built USD $13 billion Texcoco airport that López Obrador canceled, calling it costly, geologically unsound, and riddled with corruption.

A federal court ordered to revoke the last suspension that halted the construction of Santa Lucía Airport.

EL UNIVERSAL informed that in only one week, the federal government broke up the suspensions on Santa Lucía airport. With this resolution, there is no court order that keeps the government from continuing with the project. However, to start the construction of the airport, they must comply with the administrative procedures and the licenses established by law.

This Thursday, at the end of his morning news conference, López Obrador will go to the Santa Lucía Air Base to direct the beginning of the construction of the “General Felipe Ángeles” International Airport.

According to the official invitation from the Presidency, the event will take place at 10:00 in the facilities of the National Defense Ministry at the State of Mexico.

Last April 29, President López Obrador opened the activities related to the beginning of the preliminary studies and works for the construction of the AISL, but due to a torrent of writs of amparo the works were suspended.

On that occasion, the President explained that the project will cost MXN $100 billion, MXN $200 billion less than what Texcoco Airport would have cost.


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