Rocío Nahle apologizes for a tweet posted by the Sener

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Rocío Nahle apologizes for a tweet posted by the Sener
Rocío Nahle is the head of the Energy Ministry - Photo: José Méndez/EFE
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Rocío Nahle apologizes for a tweet posted by the Sener

Yesterday, a message published on the Sener’s Twitter took everyone by surprise: “Yes, your attacks against the government, the President, Rocío Nahle, Luisa María Alcalde, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, and their families are the result of a beast who suffered a deadly wound.” Later, Energy Minister Rocío Nahle apologized and the tweet was deleted. Nevertheless, the incident shows that community managers hired by the government are fierce government supporters. Are they paid to lead political campaigns and work for the government with public resources? Another case is that of Morena’s electoral agents, who turned into surveyors to define social programs. Where do we draw the line? Isn’t this corruption?

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PAN governors vs. Marko Cortés

PAN governors are concerned about how hesitant Marko Cortés, the PAN leader, has been to face the government led by President López Obrador. We’ve been told some governors are disappointed with the party leader, who hasn’t taken advantage of the mistakes made by the government to take a strong stance. We’ve been told that PAN members consider the governors are doing a good job but the party leader is not doing much, especially since the 2021 elections are approaching and it’s time to face Morena once again.

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Lawmakers will return to work in September

We’ve been told that some federal lawmakers want to return to work on June 1 or June 15; however, the decision is up to the opposition because their support is needed to call for an extraordinary period. Nevertheless, we’ve been told that no one in the PAN, PRI, PRD, and MC supports the disappearance of 44 trusts, nor the President’s proposal to modify the budget without restrictions. They will likely return to work until September.

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Dozens of contenders want to govern Baja California 

After the Supreme Court abolished the so-called Bonilla Law and it became clear that there will be elections in 2021, several contenders are hoping to become governors next year. Jorge Hank, from the PRI; Jaime Martínez Veloz from the PRD; Jorge Ramos and Juan Manuel Gastélum from the PAN, and Titi Ruiz, Arturo González, Amador Rodríguez, among others from Morena are interested. 

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