11 | DIC | 2019
Protest against Evo Morales in Mexico
Evo Morales was transported to Mexico by a Mexican air force plane - Photo: Juan Karita/AP

Protest against Evo Morales in Mexico

Mexico City
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Protest against Evo Morales in Mexico

We've been told that upon the arrival of the former Bolivian President Evo Morales to Mexico, after accepting the offer to be granted political asylum, a group of Bolivian residents will protest the Mexican government's decision. We've been told that the Bolivians will explain the situation their country is going through, why they agree with Morales' resignation, and why he shouldn't be granted asylum in Mexico. We will see if the decision to welcome Evo Morales will benefit or affect López Obrador's government.

Mexico granted asylum to Bolivian ex-president Evo Morales

Women take over the Judicial Council

We've been told that everything indicates that the new counselors at the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) will be Loretta Ortiz and Eva Verónica de Gyvés, who were previously nominated to the Supreme Court by President López Obrador. We've been told that both were proposed by Morena and they are expected to receive the opposition's support, although their ratification might take a few days because there was tension in the Senate after the appointment of the new president of the CNDH.

Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH

How do the PRI and PRD feel about Bolivia?

The PRI leaders have been quite careful in regards to the Bolivia crisis. We've been told that PRI supports the idea that Bolivians should find legal ways to overcome this crisis; it will also defend the right to self-determination. Meanwhile, the PRD will defend the Mexican tradition of granting political asylum but it will criticize Evo Morales' actions in Bolivia. On the other hand. We've been told that once Morales arrives in Mexico, Morena members from Mexico City's Congress will show their support.

Evo Morales steps down as President of Bolivia

Fake news about the Ayotzinapa case

Yesterday, after President López Obrador met with the parents of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, the parents' spokesperson Vidulfo Rosales and Human Rights Minister Alejandro Encinas contradicted each other. It turns out that the meeting lasted over two hours and the parents gave Encinas an ultimatum; he has until January to deliver results in regards to the investigation launched against former government officials, who are allegedly linked to the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa students. Nevertheless, Alejandro Encinas has other information since he claimed the parents didn't set up a deadline. Who is telling the truth?

Ayotzinapa: the timeline of a tragedy



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