The President spent $3 million on his celebration

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The President spent $3 million on his celebration
The President celebrated his 2018 electoral win on Monday - Photo: Carlos Jasso/REUTERS
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The President spent $3 million on his celebration

On July 1, President López Obrador celebrated his 2018 electoral win and the event cost the treasury MXN $3,200,000. We've been told that although the federal government didn't pay the artists who performed during the event, the government had to rent a scenario, chairs, portable toilets, and the sound system for the event attended by around 80,000 people. As you may know, Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia, flutist Horacio Franco, the Symphonic Orchestra of Tlaxiaco, and the National Defense Ministry's mariachi and Alejandra Díaz all performed during the event. Well, we've been told that the President's office will disclose all the documents soon.

Crisis at the Federal Police

Yesterday, in the midst of a crisis that erupted after officers from the Federal Police protested against the National Guard and announced their refusal to join the new police corporation, President López Obrador took some time off to play baseball. We've been told that after practicing for a while, the President worked from home. His team members and the press were surprised that the President had such a short working day. At night, he recorded a video to talk about the conflict at the Federal Police and said it was a mutiny and said there was someone behind the rebellion.

The President ignores the INAI

We've been told that officials from the National Information Access Institute (INAI) have yet to meet with President López Obrador, months after requesting a meeting. On February 14, the INAI officials sent a document to the President, explaining how society needs the institute and the information it provides. The letter was sent after the President criticized the INAI and claimed that some of them didn't do anything, hid information, and received stratospheric salaries. Nevertheless, five months after asking the President for a meeting, they have yet to receive an answer.

No textbooks in Mexico City

We've been told that in some schools in Mexico City, teachers and doctors are already upset because schools are yet to receive the textbooks and the next school year is about to begin. In previous months, the Public Education Ministry acknowledge it was having issues with the books. It turns out that the Finance Ministry decided that to implement a 10% cut to the budget and no one was interested in the tender. So the schools have yet to receive the books and the teachers are wondering if they will receive new materials or if they will have to recycle their old materials.


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