Politicians get more vacations than mortals

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Politicians get more vacations than mortals
Mexican deputies will get two weeks off for spring - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Politicians get more vacations than mortals

This week, federal deputies approved their schedule for the second ordinary period and they might take a couple of breaks. We've been told that they will take five days off, from March 15 to 19, and the second break will take place from April 12 to 17. The period is just starting but they already have planned their 11 days off after only three months of work. And they claim to be different from previous lawmakers?

The PRI wonders how many members it has left

After the discredit accumulated by the PRI in the last six years, as a result of the corruption that plagued every government level and the PRI's massive loss during the elections, who still labels themselves as a PRI member? That is the question that Héctor Gutiérrez de la Garza, the organization secretary, is trying to answer, who started calling all the state and municipal committees in order to begin a process to confirm their militancy; that is, count how many members they have left. It's important to know this number, especially since the leadership will change in August. How many brave ones will stay in a half-sunk ship?

Marco Rubio attacks Mexico

As if xenophobes in the US needed more excuses to attack Mexico, the Venezuela conflict has given them another excuse to attack Mexico. US lawmakers are wondering why Mexico isn't supporting the US' position in regards to Venezuela. This is the case of the Republican Senator, Marco Rubio, who claimed the relation between Mexico and the United States is not of mutual help and that they don't want to achieve the same goals. He questions how can the US have a strategic relationship with its neighbor when Mexico gives “incomprehensible support” to Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela's President. Is the Foreign Affairs Ministry calculating how much collateral damage can be accepted by still recognizing Maduro?

AMLO to visit Santa Lucía

We've been told that this Sunday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will attend his first official event in the Santa Lucía airbase to pay homage to the Air Force.


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