The National Guard's flaws

A series of inconsistencies in the deployment of the National Guard has been exposed

The National Guard's flaws
The National Guard was created to erradicate crime and violence - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez /EL UNIVERSAL
English 15/09/2019 13:18 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 13:18
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A few months after the National Guard was created, a series of inconsistencies in the deployment of its officers has been exposed because although in some cases the number of officers deployed is proportional to the number of people in the area, in other cases, the National Guard doesn't seem to consider the violence rates in each location. For example, it is confusing that there is a larger number of elements deployed in the state of Querétaro than in Tamaulipas, when it is evident that the situation in Tamaulipas is especially alarming in contrast with Querétaro, where people live in relative peace.

The situation turns even more alarming when you look at the municipal rates, which show the total absence of the National Guard in some municipalities that have registered violent events. It is perplexing to learn that in municipalities such as Minatitlán, Coatzacoalcos, and Cosoleacaque, where violent events recently took place, 700 members of the National Guard were withdrawn without any explanation.

Experts agree that the members of the National Guard should be deployed based on an analysis of the characteristics and needs present in every region. These experts explain that if the National Guard aims to solve the violence and insecurity issues in the country, it should adhere to a strong project, which should consider deploying the guard in the places where it needs to be and not deploy members to places where the crime rate is low. They affirm that it would be a huge mistake to implement the equitable distribution of troops throughout the country when there are regions that need more aid than others. As one of the experts said, what is required is “a custom-made suit” because on the contrary, the National Guard would be wasting its potential and it would not reach its goal, which is to reduce violence.

The expectations generated by the National Guard are quite high, therefore, its deployment can not be capricious or arbitrary. If there is a method behind its deployment and distribution, this should be made public, on the contrary, the information released until now shows an illogical or inexcusable deployment plan.


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