NASA shares astonishing picture of Mexico from space

The picture was taken from the International Space Station

NASA shares astonishing picture of Mexico from space
NASA often shares amazing images from space - Photo: Taken from NASA's Facebook account
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Images from space have awed a lot of people since they allow us to get closer to the mysteries of the universe and images of our planet are astonishing as ever, just as shown in one of the latest images from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

On its Twitter account, NASA shared a picture that shows a great part of Mexico from space, specifically from the International Space Station.

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The photograph was taken with a short camera lens by an astronaut aboard Expedition 64.

According to NASA, the view comprises most of Mexico’s mountain ranges and coasts although some details like cities and volcanoes are not easily noticed.

Nonetheless, the Popocatépeltl and the Pico de Orizaba volcanoes can be identified in the image, as well as Mexico City.

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Another aspect that can be seen in the image is the Sierra Madre del Sur that goes all the way to the Colima volcano.

NASA stressed that the photograph shows different climate zones from the Gulf of Mexico to forests and coastal plains.

The picture shared by NASA already has over 3.5 thousand retweets and over 7.5 thousand likes.

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